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  • Experimenta volar sobre el agua con nuestro Hydrofoil eléctrico (E-foil)!
  • With these flyings surf boards, futuristic jewel of technology,
  • Discover new sensations surrounded by nature. A feeling you never felt before on water !
  • Check this video to see how this new clean and silent Watersport looks like!

    *The electric foil allows you to glide on the water without emitting CO2 or other pollutants. It is entirely electric on rechargeable batteries. Thanks to a silent engine the marine wildlife is not disturbed. You can therefore go for electric foil rides while respecting the environment.
    Great advantage, we are less dependent on weather conditions, no wind needed !


    1 hour is mandatory for the first day.
    Lesson overview :
    *We provide full equipment, E- foil, helmet, life vest, knee pads, lycra, radio helmet.
    On the beach :

    • Explanation of the basics and safety
    • Prating balance on the indo board
    • Simulation standing up on the board

    In the water – The Instructor follows you with another E-foil :

    • Practicing riding the E-Foil on your belly
    • Riding on your knees
    • Standing up and flying above water

    (Note* The progress depends on the person’s previous experiences and skills)

    The lessons are taking place in the bay of Punta Popy Beach. It is also possible to take E-foil lessons on different beaches around Las Terrenas upon request, (price on demand).



    150$/ hour

    Private Lessons

    100$ / 30min