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Surfing is a water sport in which a person rides a surfboard on the surface of breaking ocean waves. Surfers paddle out to the lineup, catch a wave, and ride it to shore while performing maneuvers and tricks. It’s both a recreational activity and a professional sport with a strong culture and community!

Surf lessons are a great way for beginners to safely and effectively learn the fundamentals of surfing

    1. Instructor Introduction: You’ll meet your surf instructor at a designated surf spot, on a beach with suitable waves for beginners.
    1. Safety Briefing: The instructor will provide safety instructions, including how to handle the surfboard, proper positioning, and what to do if caught in a rip current.
    1. Equipment: You’ll be provided with a soft surfboard, lycra, and a leash.
    1. Beach Instruction: Before getting in the water, the instructor will teach you basic techniques, such as paddling, getting on the board, and how to catch and ride a wave.
    1. Water Practice: You’ll enter the water and practice what you learned, often with the instructor’s guidance. The instructor will help you to position yourself to catch waves.
    1. Feedback and Tips: Throughout the lesson, your instructor will offer feedback and tips to improve your technique.
    1. Riding Waves: As you progress, you’ll try to catch and ride waves. The instructor may assist you in catching your first waves.
    1. End of Lesson: The lesson typically lasts 2 hours. You’ll return your equipment and have a debrief with the instructor, who may provide additional advice for your future surf sessions.



    Private Lesson

    65 $US/ Hour

    Group Of 2 People


    110 $US/ Hour

    Group of 3 People


    135 $US/ Hour