Rentals requirements

Minimum skill level

  • You must be Independent in terms of safety, i.e. you do not represent a danger for yourself or others!
  • You must be Independent in terms of practical experience, i.e. you know how to prepare your equipment and ride without assistance. You must know how to navigate back alone in case of simple problems.
  • You must know how to ride in both directions
  • You don’t “crash” your kite often
  • You must know the safety and circulation rules ashore and at sea

These criteria correspond to IKO kiteboarder level 3

  • If you have not followed a kite course in our school, we recommend you to book at least a 2-hours session to check your level.
  • A rental contract is valid ONLY to person to whom it is issued. Contracts are not transferable to other parties.
  • Rental starts as soon as the equipment leaves the school and stops when the equipment has been returned in it’s entirety.

  • Rental period runs regardless of whether the equipment is used or not. All rental equipment will be charged once it leaves our premises. There are no exceptions to this rule; ie: if there is no wind and you choose not to use the equipment.

Please note that the material is not insured against loss or damage. Our instructors will calculate an estimated of cost for you prior to rental if you so desire.




    35 $US/ 1H

    60$US/ 2H