Kitesurf Lessons

Our Courses

Remember, each person learns at a different pace – our instructors will work with you to ensure that you become an independent kitesurfer as soon as possible. But the most important thing is that you have fun!

Courses include:

  • Professional IKO – instructors
  • Professional IKO – assistants
  • All equipment including: Board, kite, bar, harness, lifejacket and the radio helmet.
  • Security boat

Generally, you will need about 8 hours of instruction to achieve the first level of independent riding:

  • Setting up your equipment
  • Know everything about basics and safety about kitesurfing
  • Riding out and coming back without going upwind



*Price includes full equipment, insurance of the equipment, radio helmet (Individual Lesson and Group Lesson Beginners)

NOTE: “ADVANCED GROUP LESSON” is possible only after finishing at least 1h of “INDIVIDUAL LESSON” or “BASIC GROUP LESSON” (The instructor decides when the students are able to take “Advanced Group Lessons”)

Private Lesson

75 $US/ Hour

Group lesson Beginners

(2 students-1 kite-1 instructor) 

50 $US/ Hour


(2 students-2 kites-1 instructor + 1 assistant)

65 $US/ Hour